Smushion, A Multi-Function Living Room Pillow

When the product page for a pillow calls it the “living room revolution,” promising to “transform your living room in minutes,” it’s easy to be dismissive.  Seriously, it’s a tough pitch to buy.  However, the Smushion does bring a range of functions that make it sound like a terrific living room companion.

Invented by a brother and sister tandem who describe themselves as “comfort seekers” and “champion nappers,” the portable and lightweight pillow can be commissioned for a variety of uses.  The website offers plenty of suggestions, such as being a coffee table footstool, an arm rest (with an integrated holding area for your remote), lumbar support, a lap desk and more.

The Smushion takes on a unique pillow design that curves up on top and lays flat on the bottom.  A multi-function cushion, it uses the popular memory foam, so it contours to any shape leaning on it, reducing the usual pressure points in the body.  Cover is made of nonskid microfiber suede that’s completely machine-washable.

Why not just use a regular pillow?  From the photos, the size and shape of this creation is actually better suited to the uses they’re aiming it for.  From holding your feet comfortably while you stretch your legs across the coffee table to adding support under your knees when you’re lying down, it just seems to be the cushier solution.

While it won’t exactly revolutionize your living room, the Smushion could make for overall better lounging positions while you’re relaxing, working or doing anything else in the couch.  It’s available online for $21.99.

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