Snake Guardz Keeps Slithering Animals And Their Venomous Fangs Away

Need to prop up your space warrior costume with matching boots?  Crackshot’s Snake Guardz should play the leg armor part nicely, apart from keeping all those nasty alien serpents from taking a bite at your legs.

Intended as protection for wilderness trips, Snake Guardz keeps snakes and other slithering creatures from easily climbing their way up your pants.  Bite-proof, the durable gaiters shield your legs from angry reptiles, keeping their fangs from penetrating deep enough to hurt you.  A unique toe-cover that goes over your shoes also prevents those pointed teeth from tangling with your shoelaces, adding an additional layer of protection.

Made from 1000-Denier nylon with polycarbonate inserts, they render the bottom 17 inches of your lower extremities (from below the knees to the ankle and metatarsal area) fully snake-proof.  They only weigh 9-ounces each, allowing you to stay protected without losing any of your mobility, and are puncture-resistant according to ASTM 1342-91 standards.

The leg covers are also claimed to withstand 12-gauge shotgun blasts at 20 yards, an extra feature you’ll require when your buddy shoots the snake trying to take a bite at you.  Of course, you’ll have to test that at your own expense (and your own insurance).  We highly recommend not tempting fate with this one.

Look like a cool space warrior while being protected from snakes and shotgun blasts?  Where has this been all my life?  The Snake Guardz are recommended for lawn, garden and wilderness use, along with trips to planets where alien serpents abound.  They’re available in different sizes directly from the manufacturer for $60 a pair.

[Snake Guardz via BBG]