Sneak-It-In Disposable Alcohol Flasks For Closet Alcoholics


Got a nasty alcohol habit you don’t want anyone finding out? Get rid of that stainless steel hip flask you keep carrying around – that’s a dead giveaway to your “secret” life.  Instead, arm yourself with the Sneak-It-In Disposable Flask, a reusable foil pouch designed for your alcohol stash that won’t trigger any metal detector.

Why use disposable sachets?  Think about it.  Once you’ve finished sipping the contents, you can fold the entire thing flat, freeing up more space in your pocket (or whatever tight crevice you hide it).  In case the need comes up, you can just throw it away at your convenience with no serious expense.

Each Sneak-It-In flask measures 4 x 6 inches and can hold 212 grams (7.5 oz) of liquid, which isn’t bad if you’re not looking to get floored before lunch break.  It comes with an airtight lid to keep the alcohol (or blood, if you’re vampire) fresh, apart from keeping even a single drop from seeping out.  Unfortunately, there’s a very tacky  “#1 Original Disposable Flask” label on the side, which sorts of defeat the whole “sneaky” nature of the thing.

Since they don’t look like alcohol containers, you can probably get away drinking it in the open.  Just tell anyone that catches you sipping it’s a homemade garlic juice for your highly-communicable disease.  They’ll stay away.

Online retailer Restoration Hardware has the Sneak-It-In Disposable Flasks available in sets of three.  Price is $15.  Yep, that’s fifteen bills for empty plastic foil sacks.  For the convenience of being able to be just a little more stealthy with your drinking, though, it sounds worth it.

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