The Sneaker Colouring Book Lets You Try Out Custom Looks On Classic Kicks

Some sneakers are just timeless. And we see them show up over and over, getting new colorways and styling but retaining the same design. The Sneaker Colouring Book lets you doll up your favorite pair of kicks from years past and present, so you can try your hand at spitting out a perfect pair.

Featuring models from 1916 to present, the book covers 18 major brands with their most iconic models neatly drawn in clean, black lines. Pick up a box of crayons, color pencils or other preferred medium of choice, and waste an entire day cooped up in bed, remembering just how much you sucked in art class. Boo-hoo.

The Sneaker Colouring Book contains 100 line drawings of popular sneakers from brands such as Adidas, Nike, Vans, Puma, Onitsuka Tiger (Asics) and Converse. Spanning 152 10.6 x 7 inch pages, you’ll have plenty of shoe designs to wax those creative brain cells on. All drawings are printed on high-quality, perforated sketch paper, so you can pull them out, laminate and hang on your wall once you finish an unbelievable masterpiece. Brand, model name, launch date and category are listed on each sheet.

Likely to appeal to everyone with even the slightest affinity for cool kicks, you can finally fashion a pair of Chucks, Air Force Ones and Sambas into however you’ve always wanted them to be. Who knows, you might have a gawdy footwear designer with a flair for sneaker fashion lurking inside you, after all?

Created by Daniel Jarosch and Henrik Klingel, The Sneaker Colouring Book is available now for under $14 on Amazon.

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