Gesundheit Radio Is A Gadget With A Sneezing Habit


Gadgets don’t only scrounge up dust on the surface, they suck it up inside too.  While you can wipe off surface debris rather easily, cleaning the innards usually proves a little tougher.  That difficult cleaning ritual is what the Gesundheit Radio looks to save its owners from.

How does it do it?  By a novel little function borrowed from animals suffering from a cold virus.  No, it doesn’t produce snot dripping out of those cooling holes.  Instead, the device sneezes specks of dust out of its system by blowing air right from the inside.  As a result, it cleans out all the fine, powdery rubble that accumulate on the internal components, all without requiring any work on your part.

The Gesundheit Radio is a creation by James Chambers, who went so far as to concoct a tall tale (involving the non-existent Attenborough Design Group out of Texas Instruments back in 1972) about its origins.  He designed it as one of those old-school AM/FM boxes, the kind they probably would have made during the aforementioned time period.

A sneeze mechanism expels dust from inside the box every six months, blowing waste from two outlets located on the front panel (probably around the same area the speakers are in).  There’s a video on the site showing it.  Make sure you watch – it looks painfully cute.

Of course, the awesome thing here is the fact that a sneezing gadget actually makes perfect sense.   Few people really have the time nor the inclination to open up electronics to dust the innards off.  As such, a bellowing system integrated into the box should ensure it gets cleaned off regularly.

[James Chambers via Slashgear]