Snorelax: Stick This Adhesive Sheet On Your Cheeks And Stop Snoring Tonight


Between chin straps, nose plugs, and mouth guards, there’s no shortage of snoring solutions available out there. Despite being minimally intrusive, they always bring some discomfort, requiring some amount of getting used to before you get comfortable using them. The Snorelax claims to offer something different.

Instead of inserting something in your mouth or nose, the contraption simply adheres onto your cheeks, where it will be able to push on your jaw enough to keep your airways open once your muscles relax. As such, your body will be able to get all the air you need, eliminating the turbulence and vibration that creates that annoying snoring sound.


The Snorelax is a multi-layer sheet with a special adhesive on the bottom layer that adheres to the skin with enough grip to endure a full-night’s wear. It boasts a gentle and comfortable hold that’s suitable even for sensitive skin, all while pushing with enough force to keep the jaws from falling back and obstructing your airways. The top layer, by the way, is a fortifying micro-weave of 100 percent high-grade cotton that’s hypoallergenic and highly breathable to ensure all-night comfort, while the middle layer that provides structural support is a honeycomb weave that ensures the sheet holds its form no matter how much you move throughout the night.

Now, how the heck does a multi-layer sheet that adheres to your cheeks keep your jaws from dropping? We’re not entirely sure, but we’re guessing that’s the proprietary part of this whole thing. To show that it works, by the way, the team behind Snorelax showed an MRI scan of the difference inn the air pathways of a snorer sleeping with the Snorelax and the same person sleeping without it. If those scans are real, then it’s definitely impressive because having those adhesive sheets on kept the pathway completely open.


While designed to stick to skin, the Snorelax is completely beard-friendly, so you don’t have to shave your beloved facial hair in order for the sheet to stay in place. According to the outfit, it’s so gentle that you will not feel your skin being pulled at all, so it will not interfere with your night’s rest. To put on, start by peeling the cover at the bottom layer to expose the adhesive surface and apply it by placing the top of the sheet just under one of the cheekbones. From there, you hold the top in place, stretch the sheet down, and secure the end under the jaw. Repeat the process for the other cheek.


Do note, this is disposable, so you’ll have to keep buying new sheets in order to continue to sleep without annoying snoring noises. And yes, you can only use each sheet once, as the adhesive part loses its grip as soon as you peel it off when you wake up in the morning. That makes it a pricier solution on the long term compared to reusable alternatives, so it’s one main point of consideration for anyone looking at this product.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Snorelax. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $29 for a one-month supply.

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