Snorkelboard Adds A Viewing Window To Body Board For Watching Underwater Sights

The Snorkelboard offers a way to see below the surface of the water without actually having to stick your head under the surface.  No need to wear goggles or put on a snorkeling mask — just casually place your eyes at the designated window while floating in the surface and enjoy the view.

Likely aimed at kids (who you probably won’t allow to dive or snorkel), it’s a swim board with an integrated pair of anti-fog goggles near the top end.  Like any regular swim board, you just use it to glide over the water and paddle around, all while doing swimming motions to your heart’s content.  Any time you feel like it, however, you can peer down the goggles and see whatever scene lies underneath, which should make an afternoon at the beach just that smidgen more fun.

Granted, the Snorkelboard will nowhere near offer the kind of viewing range that you get when actually snorkeling, especially considering the small size of those goggles.  Still, this makes a nice alternative to regular flutter boards, adding just that tiny bit of extra function that makes it all the more entertaining to use.  Construction is EVA foam, with a vinyl coat clad in a variety of colors and designs.

No release date or pricing is listed, but if the Snorkelboard retails anywhere close the price of regular swim boards, we bet people will fork for this instead.  I definitely would.

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