Roast Hotdogs Like You’re Fishing In The Lake With The Snow Peak BBQ Rod


It looks like a fishing rod. Except, instead of a hook at the end of the line, the Snow Peak BBQ Rod comes with a metal skewer that you can stick into hotdogs, marshmallows, and any other food item you want to cook on an open campfire.

Why not just use a stick like everybody else? Well, no good reason, really. Except for the fact that it looks infinitely more fun to pretend you’re fishing while you’re actually just roasting some hotdogs. Plus, you don’t have to stretch your arms too far out, so it should make cooking on the campfire just a little less tiring.


Because it’s set up like a fishing rod, you can use the Snow Peak BBQ Rod to cast your brats, dogs, and marshmallows on the fire the same way you would when you’re actually angling. It comes with two sets of metal skewers on either side, so you can cook two hotdogs at a time, with a design that allows you to quickly turn the skewers over with a simple flick of the wrist so you can cook the other side for even cooking. A 35-inch pole ensures you can sit a safe distance from the fire, while a wooden handle facilitates a strong grip for no-slip roasting.

Available in blue and red, the Snow Peak BBQ Rod is priced at $57.

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