Snow Peak Chopping Board

Some people like to stay outdoors while bringing as many creature comforts as they can along, hauling stuff like rugged satellite antennas and pop-up kitchens with them.  For those who prefer packing light, a good tent, a soft bed and  a survival stove are all that’s needed.  If you’re going to cook, though, you might want to bring a chopping board along to fix yourself a proper meal.  The Snow Peak Chopping Board Set should work for that.

A fold-up cutting board, it measures just 14.4 x 4.6 x 2.8 inches when closed up, allowing you to cram it inside a backpack a lot easier than regular chopping slabs.   It features a built-in compartment for a medium-sized chef’s knife too (included), so you can get all the proper tools needed to slice meat, onions and tomatoes the same way you’d do at home.

The Snow Peak Chopping Board Set is made from a quarter-inch thick slab of wood, so it should perform just as capably as your favorite cutting hardware at home.  Opened up, it offers 14.1 x 9.25 inches of surface space for carving, slicing and dicing, which should be enough to prepare most one- or two-person meals.  It features metal hinges on the fold, a 6.5-inch long knife, slip-stoppers on the bottom and metal closing hardware.

Since it’s a sturdy piece of wood, the board won’t just make for an effective food preparation accessory, it can serve as a makeshift table, too, offering a flat surface to hold your cups or plates while you’re still chilling in the wild.  It’s available from Rei, priced at $49.95.

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