Snow Peak’s Collapsible Camp Stove Can Accommodate Your Biggest Pots And Pans

If you want to keep your pack light while being able to cook at camp, you generally have two options. Use a survival stove that uses sticks and twigs for fuel or carry one of those single-burner camp stoves that can mount on top of a propane canister. The former, of course, is a lot more portable, although the latter is definitely more convenient. The Snow Peak Home & Camp Burner combines the portability of survival stoves with the cooking convenience of more conventional camp stoves.

No, it’s not as compact as your favorite survival stove, especially you’ll have to bring it along with a butane canister (or two). However, with a collapsed form that’s comparable to a vacuum-insulated travel bottle, it’s a whole lot more portable than other single-burner solutions, making it possible to squeeze it even inside crowded backpacks.

The Snow Peak Home & Camp Burner, basically, packs the entire thing on a cylinder enclosure that’s around the same size as those 1.1-quart Thermos bottles, making it very easy and convenient to pack. To set up, simply pull out the components from the enclosure, at which point it transforms into a spacious full-sized burner that’s big enough to accommodate even larger pots and pans. That means, there’s no need to restrict yourself to smaller cooking vessels as you would with most traditional camp stoves.

Want to bring that 11.5-inch pan or that 5-quart Dutch oven in your kitchen to camp? Not a problem, as this thing can accommodate them with room to spare (it can fit any cookware with a base of up to 11.8 inches), so you can use it to cook for big groups, in case you’re enjoying the outdoors with a larger party than usual. That’s why Snow Peak is marketing this as a stove that you can actually use at home, since it should accommodate most any stovetop cooking vessel you currently have in the kitchen. The best argument for using this in your home kitchen? The darn thing can pack into a canister that you can simply put away on the shelf, giving you plenty more counter space that you can use to accommodate all your other single-purpose appliances.

The Snow Peak Home & Camp Burner comes with auto-ignition, so you simply have to turn a knob to get a flame going, as well as adjustable heat settings, so you can control the temperature your food cooks at in a precise manner. Basically, this is a more functional alternative to standard single-burner camp stoves, as it brings all the conveniences while supporting larger cooking vessels, as well as a slightly bigger and more feature-packed alternative to barebones survival camp stoves.

It’s designed to work with A4 CB butane canisters, which should be easily available at most outdoor retailers, so you can easily use this without any specialty equipment. According to the outfit, it can cook for 110 minutes of continuous burning time using just a single canister.

The Snow Peak Home & Camp Burner is available now, priced at $109.95.

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