Iron Grill Table Has Removable Panels That Can Be Replaced With Accessories


Most camping tables are designed strictly for use in the outdoors – their looks, function, and overall build just isn’t suited for use inside the home. No the case with the Snow Peak Iron Grill Table Slim, a folding table that looks perfectly at home anywhere you take it.

A camping table, it combines a slim metal frame with a wooden tabletop, resulting in a piece of furniture that gives off a simple yet classic vibe, which should blend in comfortably anywhere you set it down. Whether you’re using it in the backcountry while car camping, in the backyard as garden furniture, or in the living room as a coffee table, this thing should ensconce itself nicely without looking out of place.


While the styling of the Snow Peak Iron Grill Table Slim makes it a chameleon of sorts, a clever design element gives it a unique utility. Specifically, it’s the six wooden panels that make up the tabletop, any of which can be removed and replaced with an IGT insert accessory from the outfit. As of now, 14 different inserts are available: a single burner stove, a double burner stove, a griddle, a single grill, a double grill, a single-unit storage box, a double-unit storage box, a stove join, a half-unit tray, a single-unit tray, and two types of bamboo work tops.


Construction is stainless steel for the frame and natural teak for the wood, with a bundled storage case for easy portability. Dimensions are 37 x 16 x 16 inches (width x height x depth), so it should stand at a height that’s ideal for use with low-slung beach and camping chairs.


The Snow Peak Iron Grill Table Slim is priced at $449.95.

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