Snowdozer Will Scrape Snow Better Than Your Umbrella

The way its been snowing here in NorthEast, you need a Snowdozer and you need it now.  Unfortunately, this dual-bladed winter weaponry from the crowd-sourced confines of Quirky won’t likely come your way until after the winter.  Tough luck.

Meant to improve on current single-bladed snow scrapers, the contraption scrapes ice during both forward and backward motions, allowing you to clean up your windows and windshields in half the time.  Even better, it comes with a whole host of clever features that should make the experience much, much less of a chore.

The Snowdozer is designed to be used with two hands, giving you more leverage when digging through thick snow.  One hand goes on the edge of the plastic head to distribute the force, while the other clasps on to a collapsible handle that can be extended from 25 to 36 inches long.  Because you get both a front and rear plow, scraping tends to be a neater affair with most of the ice scraped away from your hands during a thrusting motion.

Both the front grip and the rear handles are coated with rubber for a solid grip.   A brush with nylon bristles sits on the flip side of the head, which you can use to sweep off leftover bits of snow.

With two-handed operation and two blades for simultaneous scraping, I can’t imagine any way that the Snowdozer will actually fail to improve on any of your current options for liberating your windshield from thick piles of snow.  Like other Quirky products, it’s waiting for enough people to preorder to go into production.  You can help move things along by placing a reservation for $16.99.