Soap Knuckles Knock The Dirt Off Your Skin


I'm pretty sure you've seen a pair of brass knuckles, if not in real life, then at least in pictures.    Not long ago, we even featured 19th century all-in-one knuckles that integrated a pistol and a blade.  This year, we get introduced to Soap Knuckles, a fist-fitting and tough-looking weapon designed for your bathroom battles.

Cast in the same mold as real brass knuckles, it claims to put a hurting on dirt and odors caking on your skin.  It's definitely one of the more interesting things you can put in a soap dish - assuming, of course, that it will fit into one, in the first place.  Made from all-natural  glycerin soap, it should effectively punch away all the day's accumulation of dirt and grime, all while leaving you with a knockout scent.

Each Soap Knuckle comes with 5 x 3 x .75 inch dimensions and weighs 2 ounces each.   Two soaps come with every set, so you can hold sudsy fistfights with a partner or arm each of your fists with one.  While you lather away with one hand, you can shadow box with the other, pretending you're beating up pedestrians GTA-style.

Created by Spye Design, Soap Knuckles currently sell for $15 per set.

[Spye via LikeCool]