Battle The Forces Of Dirt On The Road With Soap Tablets

Like taking random showers while you’re out on the road? Wow, that’s really weird, dude. In case you’ve got a good reason for it (“Mmmm…the fountain looks irresistible”), you may want to stock up on Soap Tablets, small, round slices of bath cleanser that you can slip inside the tiniest pockets.

Measuring 12mm in diameter, each bite-sized tablet is designed for single use, making it a neater alternative to rewrapping a wet, clammy bar of soap after cleaning up. Of course, if you’re larger than Butterbean (or dirtier than a pig who rolled in mud for a week), you may need two (or more) of these little fellows to cover your entire body, so adjust accordingly.

The Soap Tablet comes in three variants: Original, Rose and Citrus, each one identifiable by their colors, which are blue, pink and yellow, respectively. It literally looks like a piece of medicine, so careful not to mistake it with your pain reliever, lest you want to add stomach ache to your list of ailments. Not just for fans of random baths, it should prove an excellent addition to your outdoor hygiene pack too, for those few times you decide to shed the suit and slum it out with mother nature.

It comes in a plastic pocket dispenser, similar to the thing that houses your breath mints, which increases the likelihood that you’ll end up swallowing this at some point. Don’t worry, though, since they’re made from natural ingredients (like, you know, discarded human fat from the liposuction clinic).

Unfortunately, the Soap Tablets appear to be sold strictly in Japan. Price is 294 yen (about $3.20).

[via Japan Today]