Soarigami Splits The Airplane Armrest Into Two


Expecting a single armrest to support two passengers sitting right next to each other in a plane is just all manners of horrible design. And it doesn’t seem like airlines are willing to do anything about it. Fortunately, someone else did with this cleverly-designed Soarigami.

Designed to slip over an airplane seat’s armrest, it expands the surface area wide enough to fit two limbs and adds a divider to keep you from brushing up against the hairy arms of the guy in the next seat. No more passive-aggressive battling for dominion of the space – the two of you can now rest your arms comfortably throughout the entire flight.


The Soarigami looks like a paper airplane turned upside down, with a wide end and a narrow end. While having the wide end face the backrest should be more comfortable (more resting space for the arm), it can also be installed the other way around (for heavier passengers who might appreciate the extra space). It’s a lot shorter than the actual armrests on airplane seats (just enough to give your forearm a resting place), with the option to install it anywhere along the armrest’s length.

Since this is designed for use during travel, the Soarigami is collapsible and can be folded into a small bundle that will easily squeeze into a corner of a bag. It features flex spring clamps that will secure tightly on its own when slipped onto an armrest, so no balancing act is necessary.

As of now, the Soarigami is still in development (a working prototype isn’t even available yet, hence the renders). They do plan to sell it next year, although pricing has not been revealed.

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