Soba Cable Director Offers A Nifty Way To Tame The Wire Mess In Your Home

Technology is awesome.  The wires that inevitably come with all of them?  Not so much.  If you still haven’t found the perfect cable management system to handle the mass of wires scattered all around your home, you might want to try out the Soba Cable Director.

Made by Bluelounge, it’s a flexible ten-foot tube where you can hide up to three wide-gauge cables at the same time (probably more, if they’re the slimmer variety).  It uses a unique design called “Vortex” that uses a “zipper” tool to open any section along the length of the tube for inserting new wires and pulling connectors out, as well as automatically closing it back up as soon as you’re done.

Aside from the tube, the Soba Cable Director comes with a pair of end caps to put some weight at the end of the tube, three mounting caps for attaching it to flat surfaces (it comes with adhesive backing), and a Y-junction cap that snaps over the tubing if you want to branch it into two separate directions (just cut a piece of the tube for use as a branch).  None of the cables inside the tube are visible at any time, so it looks just like a single tube running along the wall behind the couch when everything is set up.   A few of these and you can quickly tidy up, pretty much, any wire-addled area in the house, whether it’s the media cabinet’s litany of dangling power cables, the home office bustling with chargers and peripheral wires, or the kitchen counter filled with a mass of cooking appliances.

The Bluelounge Soba Cable Director is available now, priced at $24.95.

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