Sobro Puts A Fridge, A Speaker, And Mood Lighting Inside A Coffee Table


Drinking a cold beer while watching TV in the living room is, pretty much, a quintessential nightly ritual for a lot of folks. Problem is, you don’t keep the beer in the living room, so you’ll have to get up and walk over to the kitchen after every serving. Sobro wants to change that.

A coffee table with a refrigerated drawer, it gives you a handy place to chill beer, soda, and any other drink right in the living room. Whether you’re playing games on a console, bingeing on Iron Fist while bitching on how bad it is, or listening to music on your hi-fi sound system, you now have all the drinks you need without having to leave the comfortable confines of your couch.


The Sobro, of course, functions as a coffee table, with a top measuring 43 x 23 inches, so it’s large enough to accommodate books, snacks, and a large box of pizza for those days you’re spending the entire weekend in. If being a coffee table that doubles as a fridge isn’t enough, it also comes with Bluetooth speakers, LED lights on the underside, and USB charging ports. Features include two smaller drawers on the right side for storing small items, a touch control interface on the right corner of the tabletop (for the speakers and the fridge), and a tempered glass top.


A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for Sobro. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $549.

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