Table Soccer BBQ Puts A Foosball Game On Your Charcoal Grill


A charcoal grill is utterly useful – when you’re cooking up a barbecue.  When you’re ordering Chinese, it usually just sits in your backyard, garage or some small storage area doing nothing.   End the cycle of perfectly good tools being idle with the Table Soccer BBQ, a functional cooking equipment that can double as a Foosball table when not charring your meat.

Designed by Ken Goldman, the handy, outdoor cookery should make a solid addition to your backyard gatherings and tailgating parties, even when you don’t plan to cook anything.  Just make sure to clean it up before starting a game – charcoal dust isn’t exactly the cleanest thing to cover yourself with.

The Table Soccer BBQ is set up like a standard grill, with a grid area for laying your steaks and burgers over fire, as well as matching side slots for your condiments.  The grates consist of steel rods with  easy-grip handles that should play nicely as Foosball controls.

Unfortunately, it’s largely unusable as either a BBQ grill or a table soccer game.  The grates look insufficient for actually holding meat, so you might have to put an extra layer of steel on top of it to avoid having your food slide down to the bottom.  There are neither players nor nets, so you’ll have to attach your Barbie dolls (okay, GI Joes) and draw markers for the goals to use it for the tabletop sport.

It’s only a design concept (I think), which is why it’s still incomplete.   Looks like it can be pretty awesome with a little work, though. Do let us know if you end up building it.

[via Coroflot]