Social Network Access Keyboard With Hot Keys For You Facebookers

We’re not sure what you use Facebook for.  Whatever it is, we’re pretty sure the Social Network Access Keyboard (SNAK) will save you a few clicks every time you spend time there.

Modeled from the Dynex Multimedia Keyboard, the peripheral throws in 19 extra keys, each of takes you directly to one specific Facebook page.  According to the product page, they chose the pages most people use in order to save the website users erstwhile wasted navigation time.

SNAK is a full-sized USB keyboard with a total 104 keys.  To accommodate the social keys, two vertical rows of one-touch buttons were added on the left and right ends of the keyboard body, which includes a detachable palm rest if you need the extra wrist support.

In case you’re curious, the social keys include Messages (takes you straight to your inbox), Games (straight to the games page), Upload Videos (straight to the upload page) and other common Facebook operations.  The actual keys don’t look particularly special from the photos — in fact, it looks like they just printed round stickers on cheap adhesive paper and stuck them to the Dynex multimedia keys, so don’t expect to get a sleek peripheral out of the whole deal.  Still, if it does the job right, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Given the number of people addicted to Facebook, the SNAK should make for a nice emergency gift for any random friend, in case you can’t come up with anything more meaningful.  It’s cheap enough for the purpose, priced at only $29.99.