Sofa Bike Turns A Love Seat Into A Pedal-Powered Date Vehicle

Make some room, Sofa Boat. There’s a new rideable sofa in town and it’s designed for the mean streets (well, not-so mean streets, but the former sounds so much better). It’s the Sofa Bike, a sleek looking tandem tricycle literally built around a two-seater couch.

Designed by Jacek Holubowicz, the pedal-powered vehicle actually looks like a sidecar at first glance. That’s until you see the two sets of pedals out front, allowing you and your date to take a cozy trip around town while getting some exercise in the process.

The Sofa Bike is a one-off custom tricycle fashioned around the idea of a “bike date.” As such, you get a loveseat sofa for two, where you can chill while parked under the bridge or get busy pedaling semi-recumbent-style while dodging cars on the road (yep, we doubt it will fit on standard bicycle lanes). To help set the mood, it’s even got a folding roof and a built-in sound system powered by a rechargeable battery.

Since sharing is caring, both of you can share leg-working duties with two sets of pedals connected to two separate gear hubs. There’s only one crank for controlling the dynamic chain steering (located on the left side) and one hydraulic brake (available from a handle bar in front), though, so someone has to take the lead (we venture you take the left seat, young buck).

I have to say — this Sofa Bike looks sleek. Way, way better than many novelty, custom-built pedal pushers we’ve seen. Check out the “bike date” bromance on the video below.

[via Designboom]