Sofa Moog Recreates The Vintage Minimoog In Beanbag Chair Form


No, it won’t actually play any sounds like the actual Minimoogs from the 1970s. If your relaxation space has been missing a large beanbag chair for kicking back in while listening to music, playing on the PS4, or fiddling with a software synthesizer, though, this Sofa Moog will definitely do the trick.

Styled to look like an oversized version of the monophonic analog synthesizer from back in the day, the beanbag sofa should help you decorate any room like a retro music studio. It comes with detailed graphics, too, recreating every key, knob, switch, and input from the now-rare and highly sought after vintage classic.


The Sofa Moog’s outer upholstery is made from technical canvas, with an integrated zipper that you can use to remove it for washing when the chair gets a little too funky for your liking. It’s water-repellent, too, making it suitable for use in the porch, the patio, or the backyard even in the middle of a water balloon war, as well as fire-resistant, so no worries about lighting up while chilling out to relieve the stresses of the day. The detailed Minimoog design has been printed using eco-friendly inks, while the plushy insides are filled with polystyrene beans. It measures 135 x 80 x 60 cm (w x d x h).


At €375, it’s a little expensive for a two-person beanbag. Considering how much vintage Minimoogs are going for on eBay, though, maybe they’re just pricing it accordingly. Or something.

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