The Sofista Couch Can Transform Into A Three-Piece Living Room Set

Created for small homes, the Sofista can transform from a three-person sofa to a three-piece living room set any time you need extra seating for guests.  Even better, it uses no complex mechanism to perform the transformation – just pull out each of the individual armrests and out comes two extra pieces of furnishing to complete your living room.  No parts to swap and no modules to fold whatsoever.

Designed by Fabrizio Simonetti for Formabilio, it appears like an odd-looking couch at first glance.  As in, you’re going to ask yourself, why is there a mattress on the bottom that nobody will sit on?  Turns out, that’s because the set is just intended to tidy up that way when you’re playing with Anki Drive’s AI cars alone or with a pal, all while leaving you ready to accommodate a bigger party at a moment’s notice.

The Sofista consists of a three-seater sofa, a one-person chair, and a chaise lounge, giving your digs plenty of seating space whenever it’s needed.  Plus, you can connect the chaise lounge and the chair to build a serviceable extra bed, along with the main couch, for when a couple of guests decide to stay the night.  Granted, the low height of the two pull-out chairs may not be the most ideal for sitting on, but it’s better than having surprise visitors plop down on the floor like your house is in Japan or something.

Construction is Dinuovo fabric for the upholstery, beech wood for the frame, and ultra-light polyurethane foam for filling.  It’s available in a variety of toned-down hues, so it should be easy to match with any living room’s existing color scheme.

Available now, the Sofista retails for €1,210.

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