Softshelter Lets You Build Temporary Walls In Minutes

You just inherited an abandoned warehouse in the middle of nowhere.  And you want to turn it into temporary living quarters for your Zombie Defense Squad, providing a place to sleep in while you train to save the earth from the inevitable onslaught of the undead.   Only problem?  Your soldiers want a little privacy, so rows upon rows of beds right next to each other just won’t do.  The Softshelter might be able to help.

Created by Canadian firm Molo, the solution creates temporary walls that you can use to divide the space into segregated rooms.  Easy to set up, a single individual can supposedly install the divisions within minutes.

The Softshelter uses freestanding structures called “softwalls” and “softblocks” to create the divisions.   The former make up the actual walls, while the latter are additional dividers that you can lay on top of the walls (for higher barriers).  Each one comes with magnets on the end panels, making it easy to connect multiple walls to each other.

The primary material for the walls and blocks is kraft paper, which is made from 50% recycled fiber and 50% new long fiber.  According to the company, the long fibers give it extra reinforcement, making for a stiff paper that won’t easily give out.  The paper is put together in a honeycomb structure, similar to corrugated cardboard, allowing it to both bend (so you can create openings in the walls) and pack flat (for easy transport).

Molo is still continuing to run tests and add improvements to the Softshelter’s design.  They plan to release it soon as a fully-deployable system for use in temporary shelters during relief efforts (and, in your case, anti-zombie army training).