SOG Baton Q1 Turns The Ballpoint Pen Into A Versatile Multi-Tool


It looks like a regular pen. And like any regular pen, you can use it to write notes and doodle sketches using a ballpoint tip. Except, the SOG Baton Q1 is also a multi-tool integrating a few essential functions you might need while hunkering down in school, at the office, or the local library.

When collapsed, it’s a chunkier-than-usual pen that you can use like any writing instrument. Even better, it’s pressurized (i.e. it uses compressed air to push ink out), so you can use it to write on walls, ceilings, and other unusual angles where pens that rely on gravity simply will not work.


The SOG Baton Q1 doesn’t just have a substantial size, it carries a considerable build, too, since it’s housed in a body cast in anodized metal. Designed for use in the office, the pen brings along reinforcements, including a spring assisted scissor (with a long handle for excellent ergonomics), a bottle opener (for your afternoon soda), and a medium-sized flathead screwdriver (just in case you find the need to open the tower case of your desktop computer). Granted, it’s not much of a multi-tool, but it covers most of the bases needed for those times you’re stuck on the desk at work.


Want one? The SOG Baton Q1 is priced at $54. SOG makes three other models in the new Baton line, by the way, all of which come in the same form factor, albeit none of them with a ballpoint pen included.

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