SOG Flash AT Wants To Be Your Daily Carry Pocket Knife

Some pocket knives are made for self-defense. Others are made specifically for outdoor activities. Most pocket folders in the market, though, are designed to accomplish your erstwhile mundane and banal everyday tasks, so they make sense to carry as part of your EDC stash. The SOG Flash AT falls squarely in that group.

Designed as a “reliable daily carry knife,” it’s a general-duty folder that you can use to rip through packages, cut all types of cords, and perform all sorts of daily cutting tasks. Whether you use a pocket knife to sharpen your pencil on the desk, slice your sandwiches into bite-sized pieces, or carve obscenities under the desk because you hate your life, this thing lets you do that with all the poise you expect from a reliable bladed tool.

The SOG Flash AT is a compact knife equipped with a 3.5-inch cryogenically heat-treated blade that’s cut in D2 stainless steel, a high-carbon tool steel that, the outfit claims, deliver an ideal combination of hardness, edge retention, and ease of maintenance. Suffice to say, it’s one strong blade that should carry you through a whole host of cutting and slicing tasks. It pairs that blade with a GRN handle that extends the whole thing to an overall length of 8.3 inches, while collapsing to a closed length of 4.7 inches for easily carrying in a pocket.

The outfit’s assisted AT-XR lock is used for the blade, enabling one-handed opening for total ease of deployment, apart from locking solidly in place once in use, ensuring it won’t accidentally close when taking impact from harder objects. According to the outfit, the locking mechanism is rated to withstand 1,500 pounds of force, ensuring the knife will only open or close when it’s actually your intention. Yeah, there won’t be any accidental deployment here.

The SOG Flash AT has a built-in safety notch on the spine that locks in place as soon as the blade is deployed, essentially serving as a convenient backstop for your thumb, regardless of whether you’re gripping the knife in your left or right hand. That way, the safety is completely within your thumb’s reach at all times, making the whole thing dead simple to use. A grooved and textured handle ensures a strong grip that lets you put the necessary effort towards whatever you’re cutting, while a slim profile makes it very usable, regardless of your hand size.

There’s a built-in clip on the handle that’s designed for deep carry, so you can easily take this along with your everyday outfits, whether you’re commuting to work, shopping for furniture, or keeping your day casual by just gallivanting around town. It comes in both straight and serrated edges, as well as multiple handle colors, so you’ve got options, depending on your EDC preferences. We’re particularly partial to the blackout model, though, with its low-profile all-black finish that makes it a look like a serious, no-nonsense tool.

Want one? The SOG Flash AT is available now, priced at $74.95.

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