SOG Snippet Multi-Tool Puts A Compact Pair Of Scissors In Your Pocket


Most people carry pocket knives as their on-the-go cutting tool, either as a standalone folder or a part of a multi-tool. That’s because they’re insanely versatile, allowing you to perform many kinds of cutting tasks. You have to admit, though, there are just some tasks that are better accomplished with a pair of scissors and that’s why we love the new SOG Snippet.

A multi-tool built around a pair of scissors, the contraption lets you snip through thin objects with excellent precision, making it easier to use with paper, fabrics, and similar materials. That means, it’s a much more useful tool to have around most people’s workspaces, making it a better multi-tool to carry in most urban settings.


The SOG Snippet is a multi-tool that measures just 2.7 inches long when closed, allowing you to use it as a key fob or hang it on a keychain. It has scissor blades that measure 1.75 inches each, which might not be suitable for any heavy duty tasks, but should handle most common cutting chores just fine, whether it be clipping a hole in the corner of a bag of chips, ripping through packaging of a new gadget you bought, or cutting through a sheet of paper to look like you’re busy during office hours. Finger loops that fold out on either side provide the necessary leverage for using the scissors effectively, allowing you to cut through most things with the same precision as any regular pair.

Since scissors won’t be able to replace the kind of slicing duties that knives perform best, it also comes with a straight-edged blade for slicing apples, cutting candy bars in half, and stabbing your nap pillow during stressful times in the office. The knife blade measures just a little over two inches long, so it should be able to replace a dedicated pocket knife for most traditional slicing tasks, too.


Aside from the scissors and the knife, the SOG Snippet  also comes with seven other fold-out tools, namely a flat screwdriver, a jewelry driver, a bottle opener, a nail file, a ruler, tweezers, and a toothpick. That means, it can take the place of whatever multi-tool you currently carry, since you can use it to take care of many common tasks, from tightening a few screws and popping soda bottles to picking up small objects and getting food out between your teeth. Seriously, though, do you know anyone that actually uses the toothpick in their multi-tool to pry stuck meat off of their biters?


It has a handle made from stainless steel, so while the multi-tool may be small, the shell should provide all the necessary protection to keep the blades protected while it sits in your pocket. Do note, it uses 5Cr13MoV steel for the blades, which should be hard enough for most tasks you’ll encounter, although it will likely require a more regular filing session to keep everything sharp.

The SOG Snippet is available now, priced at $27.95.

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