Stay Alive In The Wild With The SOL Origin Survival Tool

Ever seen one of those shows where some dude gets dropped in the middle of the wild with nothing and subsists on what he can scavenge?  It’s probably cool to be that guy.  Since you’re not, we suggest tucking this under your JeanPants the next time there’s a chance you’ll get stranded outdoors: the SOL Origin Survival Tool.

Designed to help you stay alive while waiting for help (don’t worry, it includes a way to signal for assistance), the kit packs a whole load of supplies that you can bust out in moments of emergency.  Like when a lion eats your backpack, a bear tears your clothes and your GPS flies off a cliff never to be seen again, all at the same time. And you have no idea how to find your way back to civilization.

Made by Adventure Medical Kits, the SOL Origin Survival Tool is a palm-sized waterproof case containing items that you can use to make food, build shelter and call for help.  The main compartment holds individual items, like a TinderQuik firestarting tinder, a braided nylon cord capable of handling 150 lbs., six feet of stainless steel wiring, fishing supplies and an emergency sewing kit.

The lid features a flip-up Rescue Flash  signal mirror (visible up to 20 miles), so you can call for help in case you see a group of people who aren’t lost from afar (you’ll likely be ignored, but no harm in trying).  On the bottom of the case sits an integrated folding blade knife (with rescue whistle and LED light in the handle), a Fire Lite Firestarter and a liquid-damped compass, all of which can be removed in their slots for using.

Sure, you’ll probably feel better if you have a rescue team on standby, ready to scour the jungles looking for you when you don’t return after three days.  Since you can’t afford that, this budget-friendlier SOL Origin Survival Tool should suffice.

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