Solar Flare Messenger Bag Makes Room For Your Gadgets, Charges Them


If you’re going to be tortured with carrying a large bag and a couple other gadgets while walking under the sun, you might as well get something out of it, right? Pack those little pieces of electronics into the Solar Flare messenger bag and draw a few additional trickles of charge into their battery panels.

While it’s not the most stylish shoulder-strapping receptacle around, the Solar Flare looks built to keep up with your heavy workday. More than housing your slew of professional equipment, it fits in a capable solar charging module, helping your electronics serve you longer even without a wall outlet in sight.

The bag is made from 1680 Denier nylon and measures 17 x 12 x 5 inches, allowing it to fit even larger 17-inch laptops, with enough extra space for other items, including documents and books. Apart from the laptop cavity, it makes room for an accessory pocket on the flap, zippered side pockets and multi-file slots.

Urethane-coated solar panels are fitted right on the flap, allowing it to pull energy from the sun while you’re carrying it around. It charges via a 12-volt cigarette lighter slot and should work with any type of car-based adapters. Despite being an actual laptop bag, however, the solar module can only manage up to 2.5 volts of power, which leaves charging your portable computer out of the question. All other gadgets you’re likely to be carrying around, though (e.g. music players, cell phones and digicams), should handily fill up from it.

The Solar Flare messenger bag is available now for $99.99 and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

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