Solar Kettle Boils Water Using Sun During Your Outdoor Adventures


Getting hot water is easy enough even when you’re camping off the grid.  Just start a fire, fill that pack-away kettle with water, and leave it to boil.  The Solar Kettle, however, makes it even easier by harnessing the power of the sun to heat up its contents.

Designed by British engineer James Bentham, it’s a contraption that lets you boil water without having to start a fire or plug into a power outlet.  Instead, you just fill up the Solar Kettle, leave it someplace where it can soak up some sun, and come back a short while later to get your hot water, making it ideal for use at camps, trails and beaches.

At first glance, the Solar Kettle looks just like a large thermos bottle with its long upright frame.  Instead of a regular container shell, though, the body is actually made up of two fold-out reflectors that soak up sunlight, then uses that to “cook” whatever sits inside the evacuated vacuum tube in the center.  Unfortunately, there’s no exact numbers on how long it will take to boil a load of water, because it all depends on how much sun is out at the moment.  They do claim it can be used even in the winter — not for boiling, but for keeping hot water warm by gathering every available infrared radiation in the vicinity.

Obviously, this will be great for enjoying instant coffee and instant ramen while you’re outdoors.   However, the product page suggests even more important survival functions, such as melting snow to make for drinking water in cold areas, sterilizing suspect water from stagnant bodies, and desalinating seawater for drinking.

The Solar Kettle is available now, priced at £35.

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