A Solar-Powered Battery That Can Charge Practically Any Gadget

Having a portable battery backup is nice. Carrying one that can charge the gamut of gadgets you haul around is even better. The High-Capacity Solar Charger and Battery, an OEM product on Chinavasion, is your likely best bet for that, packing a total of 29 adapters for varying types, brands and models of electronics.

Most backup battery chargers in the market come with one or two adapters, making them usable for a few of your electronics some of the time. Doing away with such limitations, this one bundles 15 different laptop adapters for a variety of models (including ASUS, HP, Samsung, Acer/T1, Dell, IBM, NEC, Toshiba and Sony), several mobile phone adapters (for Motorola, LG, Nokia, Samsung, Siemens, Sony Ericsson, Apple, Palm One, Blackberry and JVC), a number of plugs for digicams (they list compatibility with Canon, Samsung, Casio, Pentax, Minolta, Olympus, Kodak, Panasonic, Fujutsu, Casio, Nikon and Sony) and other gadgets (such as the PSP, mp3 players and GPS units).

The High-Capacity Solar Charger and Battery is a 20,000 mAh battery that can charge in one of three ways: via the onboard solar panels, an AC adapter and a car charger. Approximate charging times are three hours for AC, ten hours for solar and somewhere in between for the car adapter. It measures 8.1 x 11.1 x 0.7 inches, making it easy to slip right into your backpack or messenger bag, ready to replenish your low-batt electronics throughout the day.

Chinavasion claims that the backup charge can keep a low-powered laptop running for a full workday. Even if that doesn’t hold true, the battery should hold a hefty amount of juice – likely more than enough to get you through emergency needs. It’s available for $148 apiece, with no minimum quantity (for now) and a 12-month warranty.