Solar Powered Breeze Robot Cleans Your Pool All Day

Owning a pool is great.  Cleaning a pool is definitely a boring task.  Let the robots clean it for you.  You can start now with the Solar-Breeze, a solar-powered, water-skimming automaton that collects all manners of surface debris floating in the pool.

Powered completely by sunlight, the device is designed to run across the water continuously (at least, until it runs out of juice at night).    That way it can pick up all leaves, organic materials, pollens, dust, dead insects and suntan oils that find their way to the pool before they sink to the bottom, keeping it clean throughout the entire day.

The Solar-Breeze features a rear paddle wheel for navigating the water and a front paddle wheel that scoops up the debris for dumping into a collection tray on its underside.  Bumper wheels on the front corners turn the robot when it hits a wall, allowing it to operate autonomously.  When it finds itself stuck, an onboard reverse navigation module allows it to back away and switch to a different direction.

Aside from cleaning the pool surface, it integrates a chemical dispenser (holds two 3-inch solid tablets, which it will dissolve by itself) that evenly and randomly distributes the chlorine while it swims around the pool.  At night, it shuts itself down automatically when battery charge reaches a low threshold.  Once it collects new juice from sunlight, the unit starts up again, all by itself.

Created by Solar Pool Technologies, the Solar-Breeze is available for $500.  Considering it gets you a pool that requires less maintenance and pump usage, apart from adding a full-time robot patrolling it, it sounds like money well spent.

[Solar-Breeze via Dvice]