Solar-Powered Pet Rock Is A Twitching Robot With Granite Pretenses

Just when you thought Pet Rocks will always be the same inanimate slabs of earth they’ve always been, human ingenuity has upset the balance of nature again.  This Solar-Powered Pet Rock dances like a turtle on its back and isn’t even made of granite.

It’s shaped like a rock, so we’ll give it that much.  The body, though, is dressed in plastic, with metal and electronic innards, so it’s actually a robot pretending to be a rock.  Which feels wrong on so many levels.

The Solar-Powered Pet Rock is a desktop toy, clad in a shape that resembles a mouse that turn-turtled.  Housing a built-in solar charging facility, it will dance when put within the vicinity of any light source.  The stronger the light, the more of the swaying action it performs.

Creator Desk Pets fashioned four different kinds, each one coming in a different color and twitching in a slightly different manner.  Put ten of these on your office cubicle and come in every morning to a veritable dance party.  That’s entertainment.

Just in case you can’t imagine what rocks look like when they bust a move, you should check out the video below.  And don’t blame me if you feel like I just wasted your life showing you that.  No pricing for the Solar-Powered Pet Rock is available on the website, but you can probably wait for it at your favorite novelty shops.

[Solar Powered Pet Rock via The Red Ferret Journal]