Solar Stone Is A Rechargeable Hot Stone For Soothing Body Aches

Got soreness you want relieved, but don’t want to take oral medication?  Try the Solar Stone Heater, a frisbee-shaped pain relief device that you can put on the affected area to help relieve any discomfort.

Don’t worry, it’s not voodoo.   It claims to be a form of fomentation therapy using heat stones, similar to the techniques used by traditional oriental healers to help facilitate the “flow of energy in the body.”

The Solar Stone’s shell is made from kaoline, a type of clay often used when making pottery.  Inside it sits a rechargeable heat generator with a double stabilizer, allowing the device to emit warmth safely when placed on any area of the body.

According to the retail site, the heat will promote blood circulation on any sore area you place it on, eventually relieving feelings of soreness and irritation.  It looks simple and harmless enough that it’s probably worth the try.  If it doesn’t work, then we’re pretty sure you can put it to use as a functional foot warmer for the winter.

We’re guessing the Solar Stone Heater is similar to the hot stones they put on your body when you go to a spa.  Except you just have to charge it for 10 minutes to get two hours of use, instead of having to heat real stones over fire.  That means you can bring it literally anywhere to get a quick hit of body-warming relaxation, provided you can find an outlet to recharge.

It claims to meet all safety standards in Europe, Japan and the US, apart from being completely free from both odor and smoke.  You can score one for around £51.

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