These Giant Shoeboxes Offer A Unique Way To Stash All Your Footwear


Keeping your shoes in its original box may be fine and all, but stacks of boxes just don’t make for the best-looking setup at home. If you must insist on storing your shoes in properly-branded boxes, why not grab one of these giant Sole Shoe Boxes?

Styled to look like oversized versions of shoeboxes, the contraption is, basically, a large storage box for multiple shoes. Instead of coming as a generic nondescript box, though, each one comes printed with the logos and signature colors of various footwear brands and franchises, such as Nike, Adidas, and even Supreme. So, you know, you can put all your Jordans in an appropriately-branded box, your fancy dress shoes in a matching Salvatore Ferragamo box, and so on.


Each Sole Shoe Box comes with a flip-up lid that reveals two layers of storage compartments for shoes, with the lower compartment fashioned as a pull-out drawer. It comes in two sizes: one sized to hold eight pairs of shoes (32 x 24 x 20 inches, width x diameter x height) and another sized to hold up to 16 (42 x 30 x 20 inches). Each one is cut in real birch plywood, with 110-degree hinges for the lids and full extension drawer slides. Do note, the boxes aren’t painted. Instead, they’re finished using plastic laminate, which the outfit believes gives it a much cleaner look.


Available now, pricing for the Sole Shoe Boxes start at $624.95.

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