Solo Skiff Is A Versatile And Affordable Fishing Kayak


It looks like a kayak. However, it’s also stable enough that you can stand and paddle like a SUP. Heck, you can even throw in a motor for speeding through the water. All that versatility makes the Solo Skiff one heck of a fishing vessel.

Designed for those days you go out fishing on your own, this kayak has a one-piece hull that can float on just inches of water, all while staying stable even when you kneel, stand, and do a whole lot of moving to reel in that trout. Whether you’re cruising the shoreline for bass, tossing under the mangroves for snook, or angling for trout at a narrow stream, this thing will help you catch game to your heart’s content.


The Solo Skiff measures 14.5 x 3.4 feet and weighs 150 pounds, so you’re either going to have to tow it or have a friend help you load it up the roof rack. A built-in transom and well allows it to accommodate outboard motors up to five horsepower, so you can speed your way the water if you’d rather not spend the day paddling. It comes with a built-in seat, along with a flat and open cockpit floor that allows you to keep plenty of cargo nearby.


Features include a half-inch thick hull for durability, an insulated cooler out front, two storage areas (one in the back and one under the seat), sealed rod tubes, and a large deck area for mounting additional fishing equipment. It comes in three colors: green, gray, and brown.

Available now, the Solo Skiff is priced at $1,800.

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