Solo Stove’s Accessory Bundle Lets You Turn Your Portable Fire Pit Into A Functional Grill

We’re big fans of Solo Stove’s fire pits, which lets you enjoy a large, toasty blaze while generating very little smoke. It worked so well, in fact, that they took the same design and turned it into a grill, so you can cook barbecue without smoking up the backyard. Of course, it always bothered us that you had to buy a separate grill when it made more sense to just put grates on top of your existing fire pit to turn it into one. The Solo Stove Grill Accessory Bundle finally allows us to do just that.

That’s right, this accessory turns your portable fire pit into a functional grill, eliminating the need for a separate rig in the backyard to cook your steaks, burgers, and meat skewers. It’s modular, too, allowing you to quickly go from grill to fire pit and back, depending on what you need.

The Solo Stove Grill Accessory Bundle consists of two components: round grilling grates and a hub for elevating the grates above the fire pit’s opening. The grates are made from cast iron, so it’s really good at retaining heat, with a pair of handles on the sides that should make it easy to move an entire batch of food from the fire straight to the serving table. Do note, the handles aren’t covered and they’re going to be hot as heck, so make sure you’re using proper protective gear (as in, thick gloves) before moving this around.

To use the accessory, you simply place the hub on top of the fire pit and set down the grates on top of the hub. From there, you just light up the pit the way you normally do, so you can cook with the same firewood and whatever other natural fuels you use to keep warm during chilly nights.

The Solo Stove Grill Accessory Bundle comes in three sizes, one for each of the different sizes of fire pits in the outfit’s lineup. The smallest one, for the Ranger, has a cooking surface that measures 14.25 inches in diameter that the hub elevates 8 inches above the opening, while the mid-size Bonfire model gives you a cooking surface measuring 17.5 inches that’s held 9.5 inches above the fire pit’s opening. The largest, designed for the Yukon model, has a cooking surface of 17.5 inches that sits 9.5 inches above the fire pit.

By the way, the outfit has a few guidelines about using the fire pit for cooking. Specifically, they recommend kiln-dried firewood fuel, such as oak, hickory, and maple, while imploring users to avoid softwood, plywood, stained lumber, and, of course, construction scraps.  Hey, this is for food you’re eating, after all. Also, grilling will work best if you don’t have large flames reminiscent of a camping bonfire (that will just burn your food), so you’ll probably want to split up the firewood and reduce it to coal embers before cooking to get the best results.

The Solo Stove Grill Accessory Bundle ships in August, priced starting at $129.99.

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