Solo Stove Mesa Shrinks The Smokeless Fire Pit Into A Tabletop-Sized Rig

We’re big fans of Solo Stove’s fire pits, with their smoke-free burn, sleek designs, and reasonably portable sizes that allow you to easily move them around in the backyard. Heck, you can event throw them in the boot of the car for using at the campsite. The Solo Stove Mesa, though, takes portability to another level, adding a model to the lineup that you can squeeze inside a backpack for taking to the campsite on foot.

Designed for tabletop use, the new portable fire pit takes the same drum-shaped design as the outfit’s bigger models, all while coming in a much more compact size that can fit on outdoor coffee tables, side tables, and bar tops. At the size, it will actually fit nicely on top of your indoor tables, too, although the outfit cautions against using it indoors as they burn extremely hot and create a substantial fire that just aren’t too safe in closed spaces.

The Solo Stove Mesa measures 5.1 x 6.8 inches (diameter x height), with a cylindrical shape that makes it look like an ice bucket while sitting on top of any table. It works much like it its larger counterparts, taking small pieces of wood that can fit in the main chamber for fuel, although at the size, you’ll have to really chop down your firewood into much smaller pieces before fitting them in this thing. For better versatility, it also comes with an included adapter that you can use to burn wood pellets, in case you already have a bunch of those that you use for the pellet grill in the backyard.

Similarly, it retains the larger smokeless fire pits’ efficient 360-degree airflow design, which draws air through vents at the lower section and sends it up through the walls. This allows air to settle at the top of the fire, essentially killing off smoke particles as they burn, allowing it to create that clean burn that produces large flames without all the accompanying smoke. That same steady airflow, of course, also allows it to ignite quickly, making it easy to get a raging fire going.

The Solo Stove Mesa is made from stainless steel, so it’s durable, reasonably lightweight, and will hold its shape through countless encounters with burning hot flames. It also comes in high-heat ceramic-coated finishes, by the way, in case the plain silver steel color is a little too boring for your personal tastes. Do note, neither the plain steel or ceramic finishes are safe to the touch, as both will get scorching hot when they come in contact with skin.

The pit comes with an elevated stand that ensure the hot enclosure doesn’t come in direct contact with your table surface, allowing you to minimize any heat damage. Of course, hot air will still gather underneath, so you wouldn’t want to use this on top of any heat-sensitive materials. Additionally, the outfit cautions against using it under patio umbrellas, gazebos, or canopies.

The Solo Stove Mesa is available for preorder now, with a Sept. 16th ship date, priced at $79.99.

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