Solo Stove Popcorn Maker Takes Campfire Popcorn to the Backyard Fire Pit

If you’re going to spend cold nights warming up by the backyard fire pit and watching on an outdoor TV, might as well enjoy some popcorn while you’re at it. Sure, you can run back and forth to the kitchen microwave, but if you’d rather plant your ass in place, you’ll need a popcorn maker designed for open fire and that’s exactly what you get with the Solo Stove Popcorn Maker.

No, it’s not some unique accessory. Instead, it’s a pretty standard campfire popcorn popper that you can use to heat corn kernels over open flames to get them popping. You don’t have to use one of Solo Stove’s smokeless fire pits, either, as the cookware should work with most any open flame, from fire pits and campfires to stoves and more.

The Solo Stove Popcorn Maker is a cooking pot with three quarts of capacity, so you can pour in a decent amount of kernels to get your popcorn fix. It has a secure lid that keeps all the popcorn inside even as they bounce around in a heated frenzy, with built-in perforations ensuring it never gets too hot inside the pit during cooking. The lid is hinged, by the way, so it will always stay attached to the pot, ensuring you won’t accidentally leave it behind if you ever take the cookware camping.

According to the outfit, the pot can fit a half cup’s worth of popcorn kernels at a time. Based on the three-quart size, though, that sounds about right, although we have a feeling that much popcorn will end up filling it a tad over the top, so you may want to try once and adjust accordingly. Still, this can make a pretty big serving of popcorn if you enjoy having something to much on while you idle by the fire.

The Solo Stove Popcorn Maker has a long handle (just over 26 inches in length), so you can heat it over a fire pit without ever coming close to the flames. It’s detachable, too, so you can easily remove it after you’re done cooking, allowing you to use the pot as a popcorn bowl and set it down next to you for some snacking. The same detachable design should make it easier to store in a cabinet after use or pack up for transport, in case you want to take it camping.

Construction is 304 stainless steel, so this should hold heat really well, which will probably help speed up the overall cooking time, while being durable enough to stand up to regular outdoor use. It does weigh quite a bit, though, at just under three pounds, so it can get a bit tiring having to hold it over the fire the whole time. The handle grip is plastic, by the way, so you can safely hold it up to the flame without being burned even if things do get a tad hotter than you expected.

The Solo Stove Popcorn Maker is available now, priced at $49.99.

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