Solosso Builds You A Proper-Fitting Custom Shirt Without A Visit To The Tailor

Can’t find a decent dress shirt off the rack?  Play the retail fashion victim no more with Solosso, an online service that lets you order a perfectly-fitting, custom shirt without taking a trip to a grabby tailor.

You literally get to choose everything you want.  Hate dress shirts with pockets?  No problem.  Want an extra button on the collar for no reason whatsoever?  Sure.  Think a different fabric inside the cuffs makes you look stylish?  Just pick it from the options and you’ll get it.

Solosso lets you build a shirt literally from scratch, charging you with the choice of everything, from the cut to the buttons to extra monograms for personalization.  If you find the wealth of choices intimidating, you can opt to start with a standard shirt (either business, casual or formal) then begin changing it up from there.  The only possible caveat is that you’ll have to measure yourself, but they do offer a comprehensive, step-by-step guide on how to do that (or you can visit a local grabby tailor to get your dimensions).  Yes, you can order ridiculous body-hugging, collared, cuffed and buttoned shirts that reach to your knees too, if you’ve always wanted one (quick secret: I’ve always wanted one).

According to the company, they use premium materials for all shirts they produce, including two-ply Egyptian cotton, top-of-the-line linen, mother-of-pearl buttons and high-quality collar stays, so this isn’t your regular off-the-rack purchase.  All shirts are handcrafted too, so you never have to worry about the shirts ripping apart from a shoddy manufacturing process.

Prices for Solosso’s custom dress shirts start at $89 and should get more expensive with further personalization.  But if how you look matters to you, we doubt there’s anything better than the proper fit of a shirt whose every detail has received your approval.

[Solosso via Thrillist]