Solowheel, A 20-Lb. Unicycle You Can Carry Like A Bag

Segway too big for you?  The Solowheel, a standing unicycle that can be carried like a small bag, might prove a bit more to your liking.

Created by Inventist, the personal mobility transporter has the dimensions of a single bicycle wheel, so there’s no need to find plenty of space for it when not in use (under your desk, right next to the desktop case will do).  There’s a handle up top, too, so you can dismount and carry it like a 20-lb. traveling suitcase (very useful when you need to walk a flight of stairs).

The Solowheel is a self-balancing unicycle that uses gyroscopes to keep you upright the entire time.  You ride it by folding out the foot platforms on either side, mounting them and using leaning movements to direct operation — forwards increases speed, backwards slows it down, left and right controls direction.

A 1,000-watt lithium-ion battery provides juice to the assembly, allowing you to ride for up to 12 miles on a single charge (around two hours at moderate speeds).  Recharging the battery takes an estimated 45 minutes, so you can easily plug in at work to get your unicycle ready for the trip home later.  Oh yeah, the battery gets extra trickles, too, when you ride downhill or slow down.

The built-in motor can propel the Solowheel at top speeds of 12 mph.  While that’s not exactly “blistering,” it does allow you to get around without having to walk like the rest of humanity.  Which happens to be awesome.

No word on availability, but they’re pegging it at a $1,500 price point.  Not bad.

[Inventist via Engadget]