Solta Island Resort Will Boast The World’s First Rotating Hotel


Want a room with a view?  If you book at the Solta Island Resort, that won't be a problem.  At least, during certain parts of the day.

As the home of Europe's first rotating hotel, every room in the facility gets their turn facing the Adriatic Sea.  Moving in a continuous turntable motion at the rate of 1.3 complete spins a day, you're guaranteed a few hours of your window facing the ocean during your stay.


The relatively small hotel will be a mere three stories high, with a diameter of 61 meters.  Only the floors above the Lower Ground level will rotate, so you can enter the facility without feeling like you just went into a merry-go-round.  The infrastracture's center hub, which houses the circulation stairs, elevators and lifts, will also remain motionless.

Designed by Richard Hywel Evans of Studio RHE, the full development will include the construction of a 170 berth marina, holiday resorts, a performance stage, a yacht club and marine villages.  The centerpiece hotel will be built on an infinity edged artificial lake.  Guests will be treated to alternating views of the ocean, the local countryside and a Diocletian fish farm as the building turns on its axis.

There's no way to figure out how the hotel will turn based on the photos, so I guess we'll have to wait for the actual construction before we figure it all out.  Swell idea, though.  Why leave other guests stuck with a bad view when you can let everyone get a shot of the surrounding splendor?

[via World Architecture News]