Solvinden Ikea Solar Lamp Looks Sweet, Sells For Cheap

Solar-powered stuff isn’t generally cheap.  So finding something as affordable and stylish as the Solvinden is quite the pleasant surprise.  Sure, it’s plasticky and rather simplistic, but set it with the right décor and you’ll look golden.

Of course, using this table lamp isn’t as simple as plugging to an outlet and pulling the switch.  You’ll actually have to expose it to sunlight to collect a charge for the battery, so you might need to take it out of the side table for daily charging by the window.

The Solviden is a desk lamp measuring 16 inches tall and 6 inches in diameter, with a weight of 1.1 kg.  Both the round base and the tube stand are made from powder-coated steel, with a traditionally-shaped ABS plastic shade finished with a tinted lacquer.

Power is stored on three removable 1.2V AA batteries, which can power the included LED bulb for up to four hours on a full charge.  It requires around 12 hours of charging time, though — more on a cloudy day.  While four hours can sound lacking if you like keeping the lamp on for extended periods, the batteries should be easily replaceable with regular AA units.

IKEA has the Solvinden on stock in four colors (black, white, lime green and teal), priced at $19.99.

[via BoingBoing]