Somabar Is A Bartending Appliance That Can Mix Any Cocktail In 5 Seconds


Having a mini-bar is great and all, but if you drink as much as Don Draper, you probably get tired of having to mix your cocktails every time you get the hankering for a bloody screwdriver, followed by a lime gin fizz, before being topped off by a Florida sunshine. Yeah, you drink a lot. And you’re exactly the kind of fellow who will appreciate the convenience the Somabar can bring your way.

A super-fast cocktail-mixing appliance, it lets you enjoy any drink in its arsenal in just five seconds. Yup, take that Monsieur Robot Bartender. Simply place a glass under the dispenser, choose a cocktail from the accompanying smartphone app, and wait the few seconds it takes to mix and make its way to the glass. Seriously, that’s almost as fast as opening the fridge door and pulling out a can of beer.


How does it mix drinks so fast? Somabar is equipped with a proprietary static mixing technology that uses principles of “fluid dynamics, kinetic energy, and turbulence created by static vanes.” Yes, we don’t understand what any of those mean, either, but it’s that technology that enables the device to mix ingredients thoroughly in such a short amount of time. Oh yeah, it self-cleans the mixing chamber, too, flushing it with water after each drink is dispensed, so cocktail tastes don’t mix between uses.

To prepare Somabar for use, you will need to transfer spirits from their bottles to a Soma Pod, a cone-shaped container that can plug onto designated compartments in the appliance. It can hold six Soma Pods at a time (so up to six different spirits, three on each side), along with a smaller container for bitters set up on top. The device can mix any of 200 cocktails in its database.


A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for Somabar. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $399.

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