Sompex Beanbag Light Is A Lamp With A Sand-Filled Base

Beanbag chairs might make your house look like a dorm room, but damn, those things are comfy for lounging.  If you want a lamp to match those beanbag chairs you still secretly keep in your game room, these Beanbag Lights should do the trick.

Created by Sompex, the lower half of the lighting fixture is made up of the same beanbag material that your favorite lazy sacks are made of.  That means, they can be set atop any surface and arranged in a multitude of positions, affording you more versatility than standard tabletop lamps.

The Beanbag Lights have a base made from DuPont fabric, filled with fire-dried quartz sand.  Each one has an aluminum reflector around the included MR11 20W bulb, creating a spotlight effect when you remove the shade.  The spotlight effect is important, since the base can be turned at various angles, allowing you to shine the light on that loud rustling in the corner of the bedroom at 3AM.

Sompex is marketing it as a bedside lamp, although I have a feeling it might be usable as a backup lamp for study desks and other areas of the house, too.  You’ll need to plug it in the mains, though, so you can’t use the spotlight as a makeshift flashlight during power outages (which really, really sucks).

We imagine this could be a big hit among dorm rooms, as well as bedrooms where the bedside table has a crooked or uneven top, such that regular bedside lamps won’t stand.  Plus, it’s cute, like everything made of beanbags are meant to be.  The Sompex Beanbag Lights are available now for £43.95.

[Sompex Beanbag Lamps via OhGizmo]