Sonic All Adapter Electrifies Your Manual Toothbrushes

Situation: You have a truckload of toothbrushes you bought wholesale in the 90s.

Problem: You saw those super-cleaning electric toothbrushes and want to get one, but you’re a miser and can’t bear the thought of not using the ones in your stash.

Solution: The Sonic All Adapter, which lets you turn a manual toothbrush into one of those electrified teeth cleaners.

Measuring 2 x 1.3 x 6.1 inches, the “ultrasonic toothbrush unit” can work with most sizes of manual toothbrushes.   Just plug the handled mouth cleaner into the opening at the top and it immediately turns into electrified toiletry, vibrating with “15,000 ultrasonic waves” to give your pearly whites the rigorous scrubbing they deserve.

The product page claims that the Sonic All Adapter can also work with other manual tools, provided they have a similar handle to toothbrushes.   Just in case you’ve got any stupid ideas, by “tools,” we mean tongue cleaners and flossing tools, not those toothbrush-sized sex toys you got from a website (although you can probably try those at your own risk).

One AA battery powers the whole thing, which can be made to last for up to two months of use if you brush twice a day for four minutes each.  Considering how often you brush, that means yours will probably last an entire year (just kidding, Johnny Rotten).

The Sonic All Adapter comes in green and pink, priced at $87 from Japanese import specialist  Japan Trend Shop.  They’re currently out of stock, but should get a whole batch by December 20 (so you can brush your teeth for Christmas — hooray).

[JTS via OhGizmo]