Sony Ericsson Media Speaker Stand Looks Kinda Like A Pepper Shaker

Everyone’s got a smartphone, so there’s always music on the go.  The problem is, when you want to play a tune for everyone to hear, all the tiny speakers can manage to come out with are part-chipmunk, part-robot sounds.  You need a portable speaker and if you own a Sony Ericsson smartphone, their Media Speaker Stand looks like a suitable solution.

Sure, it looks like a stylish aluminum pepper shaker.  But it should fit easily in your pocket.  And it will hold up your phone at an angle.  And it should pipe tunes louder than your phone’s crappy loudspeaker.  At least, we think so for the latter (Sony Ericsson doesn’t have details listed on how many watts the dual speakers have).

The Sony Ericsson Media Speaker Stand is a cylinder-shaped contraption that measures 4.3 inches long with a 1.2-inch diameter.  To use it, simply slide off the head, which will reveal a 3.5mm connector and plug that onto your phone’s matching port.  And you’re done.  Power is provided by three AAA batteries, which can keep it running for 12 hours of continuous play.

Aside from pumping tunes from the grills at both ends of the tube, the speaker is designed to hold your phone at a landscape angle, so you can watch movies or play with apps while using the speaker.  The company has a list of supported phones, although this should handle anything with a 3.5mm slot.  Only thing is, a non-compatible phone may be at a location that won’t allow it to stand comfortably while connected to the unit.

You can get the Sony Ericsson Media Speaker Stand now, priced at $38.99.