Sony GTK-PG10 Speaker Has A Foldout Top That Changes Sound Dispersion And Reveals Four Cup Holders


No, it’s not the kind of speaker you’ll carry around on a daily basis. There are much more portable speakers for that. If you want a speaker that’s compact, powerful, and built to survive the ravages of a rowdy party, though, then the Sony GTK-PG10 might be exactly what your stash needs.

Measuring just 13 x 14.9 x 12 inches (width x height x depth) and weighing 14.8 pounds, the device is small enough to carry by hand, so you can just throw it in the car on the way to wherever the day’s festivities are taking place. Whether you’re camping in the backcountry, spending a day at the beach, or attending a wild tailgate party, this thing should make for a capable speaker to keep the party going.


The Sony GTK-PG10 is a Bluetooth speaker that houses a single 7-inch low-frequency driver and two 1.5-inch cone-type tweeters, allowing it to deliver a sound that, according to the outfit, is big, powerful, and crystal clear. It’s equipped with the outfit’s MEGA BASS function, which delivers the brand’s signature low-end boost, so you get to enjoy some thunderous bass, along with all that volume. According to reviews, you can crank this thing to max volume with MEGA BASS engaged without hearing a single hint of distortion, making this a great party speaker where you need the music to truly fill the air.


In standard mode, both the woofer and the tweeters are facing forward, making it suitable for use in living rooms and bedrooms. For outdoor use, the top can be folded out to orient the tweeters upwards and outwards, dispersing the sound across a much wider area, so everyone in the party can partake in the aural delights. Sound direction isn’t the only thing that changes when you fold the speaker’s top out. Instead, it also reveals four built-in cup-holders that you can use to set down your drinks during the party, essentially turning the speaker into a functional tabletop, too. Yes, the whole top panel is splash-proof, so no worries about accidental spills damaging the speaker’s electronics.


The Sony GTK-PG10 has a rechargeable battery rated at up to 13 hours of music playback, although pushing it to max volume will only net you five hours of battery life. Carry handles on the sides allow you to easily move it around from spot to spot, while a mounting hole at the base lets you set it down on top of a tripod to free up tabletop space for food and drinks.


Physical buttons let you control the speaker directly when you’re right next to it, while a companion app (iOS and Android) allows you to control it from a comfortable distance. It even has voice control support, so you can adjust the volume, modify the settings, and skip a crappy song using nothing but voice commands. Other features include a radio tuner, an integrated DSP, a microphone input, and a USB port (in case you want to plug in a thumb drive with your own music collection).

The Sony GTK-PG10 is available now.

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