Sony’s $30,000 Projector Can Create A 120-Inch Image While Standing Just 9.6 Inches From The Wall


There’s one main reason projectors haven’t replaced TVs yet: having to put it even a few feet from the wall means that’s a good chunk of floor space you don’t want anyone in the room using. It’s inconvenient. Short-throw projectors like Sony’s LSPX-A1 changes that.

Designed to sit just 9.6 inches from the wall, the device will look like a media cabinet when it’s laid down on the floor, likely making guests wonder where the projector is in your house.  Basically, the darn thing will look like a floor stand for the giant TV it’s beaming on your wall, so you can watch shows and movies in a way that resembles viewing on a regular TV.


The Sony LSPX-A1 is a laser-powered projector that can create a 120-inch image while standing less than a foot from the wall. Yep, that’s like having a movie theater in your house. In case a 120-inch TV sounds a little too big to your liking (I mean, not everyone has a giant living room), you can move it closer than the 9.6-inch maximum distance to get a smaller picture. According to Sony, the smallest picture it can make is 85 inches (when you push it right up to the wall), which is still gigantic.  Whether you opt to enjoy the full 120 inches or not, the projector will display the image with a native resolution of 4,096 x 2016 pixels, allowing you to enjoy the world’s growing library of 4K content.

A maximum brightness of 2500 lumens means incredibly vibrant images and high contrast, while the integration of Sony’s Triluminos technology allows it to reproduce the kind of tones and textures you won’t find on standard projector systems. It has native support for HDR video content for unprecedented detail, color, and contrast, while the system’s laser light source and SXRD panels enable high dynamic contrast.


The Sony LSPX-A1 pairs the laser projection system with an advanced vertical drive technology that can fill the room with clear and authentic sound. That sound system is made up of three midrange drivers and two organic glass tube tweeters, all powered by 23-watt amplifiers, along with a separate 50-watt subwoofer designed to be situated under the projector. From the way that setup is put together, it sounds like you won’t need to hook the projector up to a separate speaker to enjoy room-filling sound.


Dimensions are 25.25 x 8.9 x 4.5 inches (width x depth x height), so it shouldn’t take up a whole lot of floor space, leaving plenty of room for side tables on either side when you lay it on the floor. Everything is housed in an enclosure consisting of an aluminum frame, with a wooden shelf underneath and an artificial marble top, giving it a furniture-like appearance that should complement most contemporary homes. Features include an integrated upscaler that can re-map all videos into 4K quality, a Bluetooth remote, and three HDMI slots.

Sounds awesome, right? Well, that’s why the Sony LSPX-A1 is also awesomely-priced, retailing for a whopping $30,000.

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