Show Your Console Gaming Pride With This Playstation Icons Accent Light


Game-themed home décor is easy enough to find. Unless, of course, you’re looking for something that doesn’t look like it belongs in a college dorm. Yeah, that’s tough. For console gamers who want to celebrate their love for Sony’s gaming platform without making their home look like a 19-year old’s bachelor pad, we have a feeling the Sony Playstation Icons Light will make for a satisfying piece.

Billed as “a grown-up tribute” to Sony’s home console, the accent lamp showcases the icons for the Playstation gamepad’s action buttons. That way, it doesn’t make a loud proclamation of your unabashed love for gaming even as a grown adult (non-gamers will probably think these are just random shapes), all while making for a playful display that any gaming fan will recognize right away.


The Sony Playstation Icons Light is an accent light that should be perfectly at home right next to your PS4 in the living room, somewhere in your game room, or sitting in your nightstand. It could also make for a nice accessory at the office – one that can motivate you to finish the work quickly, so you can go home and continue your adventures in Monster Hunter World. Do note, it’s USB-powered, so you’ll need it plugged in to a power source the whole time, which makes it ideal for placing next to a PS4, since you can keep it tethered to the console’s charging ports for continuous power. In case keeping it hooked up sounds inconvenient, it also comes with AA battery slots, so you can just slip a couple fresh ones on there to keep it running without any wires.

It measures 12 inches wide and 6 inches tall, so this will make quite the presence on any media cabinet, side table, or shelf it ends up in, ensuring it makes for a noticeable accent that similarly game-obsessed friends can appreciate. And while it does like it will look good mounted on a wall, it wasn’t designed for that, so you’ll have to make your own arrangements to show it off the way you like best.

The Sony Playstation Icons Light is fitted with multi-colored LEDs, so it can shine in various shades of your liking. Three lighting modes are available. Standard simply lights it up in a single non-changing hue, while a color-phasing mode lights up each icon in different colors in a spontaneous sequence, making it quite the fun addition to any gaming setup. Last is a music-reactive mode, where the lights illuminate depending on whatever music is playing within its immediate surroundings, changing colors in time to the beat to create a fun party vibe.

We know, the Xbox fanboy in you is asking, what about an accent light for Microsoft’s game console? Problem is, their action button uses boring letters for the label, which sorts of limit their usefulness as far as decorative aesthetics. I mean, would you really buy an accent light with the letters XYBA on it?

The Sony Playstation Icons Light is available now.

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