Sony Qlasp Earphones Clips To Your Lobes For A Tight Hold

The more earbuds change, the more they keep falling off. That probably ends now with the Sony Qlasp, a stylish pair of in-ear headphones designed to stay in place through even the most intense activities.

How? By integrating a clip that tacks firmly on your ear lobe, essentially putting an end to earphones slipping out, regardless of what position you find yourself in. Hanging from a tree by your legs? It won’t fall off. Wrasslin’ with a bear? Unless the clawed mammal rips your ear off, it should stay firmly in place. Of course, if a bear wants to eat your earphones, you’re supposed to put ketchup on top and just give it, not hang on for dear life.

The Sony Qlasp has an in-ear design, whose hold is aided by a unique clip that fastens to your lobe like a fake earring. It weighs less than a third of an ounce, making it a comfortable to wear, despite the clawing action. Features include 9mm drivers (with a frequency response of 6 – 23,000 Hz), closed cup, soft buds, a 3.9 foot cord, three bud sizes and a gold-plated, L-shaped mini plug.

These come in stylish color combinations (green, brown, black, pink and multi-color), with no plain black finish in sight. Price is relatively cheap at $29.99, so don’t expect pristine performance – just a really steadfast clip.

[Sony Style]